Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful earrings

Oh my goodness! The kindness of my virtual friends in the blogosphere never ceases to astonish me. Last year the ravishing Queens Michelle & Marie of Kingdom of Style sent me these vintage dancing shoes just because. And then today a package arrived in New York for me containing these:

Here's the story: a couple of weeks ago Blue Floppy Hat, who writes the fab blog Nonsense on Stilettos from India, and with whom I have been blog friends with pretty much since I started LLG, sent me the following email:
"I remember seeing an entry on your blog about a month back about how you liked dangly Indian earrings. That stuff practically floats in the air here in Calcutta, and I'd love to send you some (think of it as a sort of belated return-to-blogging present)."

I was absolutely blown away - how could I possibly refuse such a generous & kind offer? Anyway, a parcel arrived this morning with five, FIVE! pairs of pretty dangly earrings, just up my street. I'm already wearing the blue pair which match my eyes perfectly, and will wear a pair each day this week in BFH's honour. Sweetheart: I am chuffed to bits. You say that you hope I will get as much pleasure from wearing them as you did from choosing them. Oh I will, darling, I will. Thank you SO much.