Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hello working week

So, I’m procrastinating. I’ve been horridly, vomitously, ill for two days and consequently have a pile of errands to run, not to mention confronting a lurking deadline, and the bushel of editors that need to be harassed about commissioning me. The only thing that seems really attractive right now is planning my month in California. So I’ve spent the morning happily playing on the internets, ordering guide books off Amazon, looking for hire cars and dreaming of sunshine & Disney & boys on surfboards.

I haven’t left the house since Saturday night, but I can feel the ice cold draught through the gaps in the windows and the sound of slush being scraped across the pavements; it’s not filling me with an enormous desire to get out there. I’ve got enough food in the fridge for a week, plenty of phone credit, lots of Netflix and … bugger – I really do need to get out there for my sanity alone. It’s not good to start considering a nightie as perfectly acceptable daywear. Even if it is very pretty with lace an’all.

I blame Twitter. It makes me feel as tho I am connecting with the outside world. In reality, it makes me no better than the children who spend their hours locked in dark rooms in front of Wiis or Playstations or whatever it is that the youth of today occupy themselves with.