Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random virtual shopping

As my new found financial rigour disallows any shopping apart from essentials such as new sunglasses, I have decided that virtual shopping is the way forward. Usually this would imply Lanvin frocks & Tom Binns jools, but now I even have to virtual shop for the kind of reasonably priced stuff I would normally have bought without even thinking about it. This is today's trawl of frustration:

Lovely new Pierre Hardy satin sandals. A mere $150 on Ebay. This does pain me IMMENSELY as they were originally over $1000 in The Shops.

A miniature pressure cooker for LLG-sized portions of all the beans I can't be arsed to boil for HOURS. All about instant gratification, me.

Two everyday sundresses from Gap. After all, they do have a 30% off Friends & Family sale this week. And sundresses last about 30 seconds in the NY humidity. Left: T shirt dress $24.50 (was $34.99). Floral shift dress: $47.60 (was $68)