Monday, March 09, 2009

What we really wore in the 80s

90210; 90210 fashionWatching 90210's pilot last night when I couldn't sleep reminded me to post an NB to all those infants who think 80s clothes are cool. We didn't look chic in 80s fashion, as Decarnin @ Balmain would have you believe: this is what we really wore...primary colours, camel toe lycra, slouch socks, tucked in shirts with unflattering jeans, baggy T-shirts. (Yes, I had Junior Gaultier striped cycling shorts which I wore over tights in my teens. However the only photo I have (from 1988) is this, which is kind of tasteful, all things considering. Please note highwaisted & cuffed jeans, de rigeur holey grey cardi, flicky hair & DMs.)