Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Times Top 20 Fashion Twitterers

There's been much debate about Twitter with non-users writing users off as loony tunes. I'm not going to defend the nation of 'craven solipsists' that lurk on Twitter, but instead direct you to the utterly brilliant Tania Kindersley's* blog piece on the subject here. Oh and Miss Whistle nailed it here too

Anyway, that was by way of a justification intro to thank The Times fashion team for popping Liberty London Girl in at no 6 on their Top 20 Fashion Twitterers list today. Being included is pretty thrilling (Really? these people want to know what I am up to? Okay then), especially when I am rubbing shoulders with the likes of French Vogue, The New York Times & WWD. And when, frankly, I've gone off the boil a bit on the fashion front of late. (Too much eating, drinking, exploring & lunacy in California.)

But, best of all, discovering that the LLG Twitter feed received the most nominations from @Timesfashion followers on Twitter was most heart-warming. Thank you everyone.

If you haven't yet been sucked into the Twitter universe, my feed runs on the column to the right, and you can click through to the main Twitter site from there.

*Tania & Sarah Vine's book Backwards in High Heels is so good that I have bought it for all my girlfriends. Read India Knight's rave review here, and BUY it immediately here.