Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back to London I go

I’m flying back to London in two weeks! Only for a few weeks, mind: I have found a perfect BA flight LAX-LHR-JFK for me to take, there are some people I need to see for work, and my family is in meltdown. Again. My parent’s divorce is one long war of attrition that seems to have been dragging on for years but, apparently, it’s only been nine months.

I am bereft at the thought of leaving California. Completely smitten, I am looking into a move to the West Coast in the autumn. However, I’ve got some fun things planned in England too: I’ll be cooking a picnic & driving down to the wilds of Dulwich with my sister & the dog to meet Matilda, my cousin’s new baby; I have a riotous lunch booked with some of my blog kindred spirits at Bocca di Lupo; Miss P and a few bosom friends are coming dancing at Guilty Pleasures on May 30th; there will also be prodding of godchildren, advanced dog walking and drinks with various friends at Shoreditch House.

And, for one glorious night, Muv and I are sticking two fingers up at the quotidian grind and booking ourselves into The Halkin in Belgravia for the evening, where we will work our way through the tasting menu at David Thompson’s Michelin starred Thai restaurant Nahm, (conveniently situated in the hotel). I do love The Halkin. One of London’s most elegant & discreet hotels.

Apart from that, I will be whippet-sitting and on attic clearing duty in the beautiful South Northamptonshire countryside. I did good at Christmas, but I have a way to go before I get done with the trunks of clothes I have stashed away up there.

(My London to-do list from this time last year)