Thursday, May 14, 2009

A fashion post. Affordable elegance: Lace inspired necklaces

Lookity look look look! A fashion post! I am more than aware that I keep being given these wonderful fashion blogging & Twitter accolades in the national press but can’t remember the last time I actually posted something properly fashion. (And, no, I do not count my blog on The Met’s Costume Institute Gala as a fashion post. That’s anthropological).

Although the AW08/09 collections were full of darkly gothic lace (hello Prada), and some wld argue that that that moment is past, at my age I am firmly of the belief that personal style is what counts, not slavish adherence to trends posited by the likes of, well, me, in the fashion press.

So I present to you two necklaces that I rather fervently long to be wearing.

Batucada Baroco Collar Necklace black

Batucada's three Paris-based designers Otalia Noël, Caroline Homery and Emilie Doizy have come up with a collection of silky feeling, waterproof eco-plastic jewellery that doesn't just sit on the surface of the body, but actually adapts to its contours, remembering them for a perfect fit. You can even wash the pieces with mild soap and water. The stand out piece is The Baroco Collar Necklace (above). Best of all, it's just £20 from the fabulous ethical jewellery retailer Ella Georgia Jewellery (I shouldn't send you there in a recession - the site is packed with wonderful pieces).

Malin Collection's lace bib necklace

>Altho it does rather require a bra free chest, falling as it does just south of the breasts, this deep green, opera-length, silk cotton lace bib necklace (above) from designer Malin Nyman-Smallcombe, is utterly desirable. It's $130 from A+R in Los Angeles, who have an excellent online store here.