Tuesday, May 26, 2009

World MS Day - please email Congress TODAY

Until my lil'sis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over ten years ago I barely gave MS a second thought. Now I think about it every day.

It’s more common than you might think: not only was our lovely cousin also diagnosed several years ago, but I have several very close friends with family members who have MS who live on both sides of the Atlantic. (If you are unsure about what MS is, please read my previous blog here.)

Today, Wednesday 27 May, marks the first-ever World MS Day. Over 100 nations around the world are joining together to build awareness for multiple sclerosis and to campaign for quality, affordable health care to ensure all people with MS can lead a life of possibility, dignity and fulfillment.

Whether or not you believe the British National Health Service works, the fact remains that it does provide free care, drugs and therapy for MS sufferers. For more than 400,000 Americans and their families living with multiple sclerosis in the United States it’s currently an entirely different picture.

As many Americans hope that the change in the White House will bring accessible, affordable health care coverage for all, it’s important that when Congress sifts through the barrage of recommendations and ideas about health care reform that it takes into account the needs of persons with MS.

The National MS Society of America aims to deliver 50,000 letters to Congress by midnight on World MS Day to send the message that Americans are united on behalf of all people affected by MS.

Americans: Please take action now - tell your legislators to create health care policies that work for people living with MS and their families.

You can click here to send an email letter to your elected official. It will only take a minute or two of your time.

Thank you