Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lausanne, Switzerland

I am so very, very behind with, well, everything. I have so many blog posts to put up, photos to edit, copy to file (one of my editors used Twitter to request some almost late copy yesterday. Impressive use of new technology there), and people to call. Let alone finishing the mountain of Ebaying my mother asked me to get through on her behalf. And I fly back home to New York tomorrow for the summer.

Fortunately, I flew to Geneva yesterday to spend 24hrs with Meriel & baby Lily, so it's impossible to address most of the things flashing on my to do list. But Meriel needs to shower, and I need to check my email, so Meriel came up with the following brilliant multi-tasking device. Here is gorgeous baby Lily:

And here is the scarf wrapped around my wrist which, as I write, shakes her dangling toys and keeps her amused.