Thursday, July 16, 2009

I never knew I could get so much amusement from a swimming pool

As previously mentioned the swimming pool had to be filled via Fire department tanker as Colts Neck doesn't have mains water: everyone has their own artesian well. What I didn't mention was just how much 113000 litres (30000 gallons) of waters costs. Trust me, every time Max drinks from the pool he might as well be swilling imported Evian.

I get hours of amusement out of watching Max. He is utterly fascinated by the pool. Y too for that matter. He's the only guy I know who cleans leaves off the bottom of a swimming pool in a wetsuit & snorkelling gear (including fins). (In the manner of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.) Admittedly we have yet to turn the pool heating on so it is a little bracing - but it's 92F/33C outside so the pool, unheated, isn't exactly frigid.

Don't believe me? Here's the proof. And look at Max's expression throughout.

WHAT the hell are you doing?

You're heading for me in that get up?

Yeah, right. Whatever.