Thursday, July 30, 2009

More indulgent vegetable posting: Organic beets

GG & I are both very fond of beetroot/beets/betterave*. I particularly enjoyed writing that sentence as, until about a year ago, I loathed them. Scarred by school dinners and the vinegar soaked horrors that would be slapped down on our plates, purple juice running into the potato salad & tasting of earth, I had no idea that there could be another way.

And then, for politeness, I manfully swallowed a beet & goats cheese salad at a supper party. And loved it. So, when I saw organic beets at the Red Bank farmers market last weekend, I homed in.

Organic beets farmers market

Grown just five miles away, I bought this organic beet for a princely $1.12.

organic beet

It was crusted in earth and was a bugger to scrub, but the result was worth it.

beet scrubbed farmers market

Not least because it was so beautiful inside.

organic beet interiors

*delete as applicable