Monday, July 06, 2009

The weird beauty of the Dell phone & online Tech Chat service

“Yes for sure a technician will be calling you this afternoon or Sunday morning.”
(Premium XPS Tech support Saturday 1pm approx)

Nope, he didn't.

“The parts are out of stock. It may be taking 2-3 days for the technician to receive them.”
(Premium XPS Tech support Monday 930am approx)

“I will be calling you absolutely for certain this afternoon to let you know the status”
Supervisor, Premium XPS Tech support Monday 10am approx)

He never rang so I girded my loins for round three

(interim Monday 4-430pm – three failed calls to tech support as for some unexplained reason Premium (AS IN PAID FOR) tech support is being directed to customer help who redirect my call to 1) warranties 2) general tech support 3) cut me off)

"Well, as 4th July being a public holiday we were unable to send the parts to the service tech.”
(Premium XPS Tech support Monday 430pm approx)

“The parts are in stock. As we had a weekend, the parts are delayed at the warehouse”
(Supervisor, Premium XPS Tech support Monday 500pm approx)

"The parts will be reach the technician today. He might call you tomorrow”
(Supervisor, Premium XPS Tech support Monday 500pm approx)

"Unfortunately, the parts are not yet arrived at their location. If the parts come to their location by tomorrow morning 10: 30 AM, they will call you by 12:00 PM Noon."
(Supervisor, Premium XPS Tech support Monday 530pm approx)

"If the parts are there, they would definitely call you tomorrow."
(Supervisor, Premium XPS Tech support Monday 545pm approx)

Nope I’ve no idea what’s going on either