Monday, August 24, 2009

My beautiful friend

I have had no children, frankly am not entirely sure about the whole process but, one thing I know for sure, is that if I knew I was going to glow like this ravishing creature at six months up the duff I'd be very happy indeed.

Pregnant six months

I tried to force feed her a Konditor & Cook organic chocolate brownie that I picked up at Kalendar on Swains Lane in an attempt to make her look like a human being, but it didn't work. She still looked like a goddess afterwards, even with cake crumbs around her chops. Sigh. Some people are just naturally drop dead gorgeous, six months pregnant or not.

Look: there's a bump!


ps I forced her to pose for me at the base of Parliament Hill by sticking a camera in her nose until she acquiesced. She had zero choice in the matter.

pps Okay - I've had a few messages, pointing out that my friend is slim, and I appear to be promoting slimness in pregnancy. As a woman who has never had a baby, I have no view on the matter.

My point here, & I am sorry if I did not express it clearly enough, was that I think her face is beautiful. I think her face glows with even more joy & beauty than it does normally, & I was not referring to her weight or size or suggesting that that is something to which other women should aspire. Each woman must do what she feels comfortable with, surely? When referring to eating I just meant smeary chocolate & mess, rather than gaining weight...and I am sorry if anyone thought otherwise. LLGxx