Friday, August 21, 2009

The Pete Firman Show at Edinburgh

Think Vegas, via Middlesbrough, with blood, sharp spiky things and floating ladies...Yup, Pete Firman is back at Edinburgh.

Described in The Independent last year as looking ‘indie-rocker, part Addams Family member’, which, personally, I feel is a little harsh, Pete Firman is widely considered to be Britain’s best comedian/magician. He's been on the telly more times than I can count, and counts a Montreux Golden Rose nomination amongst his plaudits.

So, if you are heading to Edinburgh for the Festival over the next ten days, may I entreat you please to beg, borrow, steal or, preferably, pay for a ticket to see The Pete Firman Magic Show at The Underbelly?

His third year at the Fringe sees him with a venue that fits 300 people and a show that starts at the perfectly respectable time of 7.25pm. Makes a pleasant change from most Edinburgh shows I ever want to see which generally seat 15 people, smell of warm beer & start at 1am.

I should 'fess up and say that I know & like Pete which, as his acts have included Magimix-ing a mouse, and mucking around with maggots, should actually stand in his favour.

Pete is interviewed about his Festival show here. And you can see one of his tricks here

"Firman is responsible for making it socially acceptable to say that you like magic again" – The Guardian