Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Shooting my Style Diary for Fashionair

Back to Manhattan today: sexy S is off to do kitesurfing and all manner of Action Man activities in Chile for the next ten days and offered up (unsolicited) the keys to his huge bachelor pad in Gramercy.

It’s good timing, as I have a little film to make in the city. Yup, there’s no end to the things in which I get involved. (Although this isn’t quite as leftfield as it sounds: in my past life I broadcast for the BBC about all things style & fashion related.)

This time around, I have been asked to put together a New York Style Diary from my point of view for new website Although I have previously turned down all offers from websites to get LLG involved, I was firstly intrigued by Fashionair and then, once I had visited their London offices back in June to talk to them and get a sneak peek at the site, I was chomping at the bit to get on board.


It’s a new multi-platform fashion media brand, revolving around a website, which has been set up by media mogul Simon Fuller, the man behind entertainment powerhouse 19 Entertainment (who represent the Beckhams and Roland Mouret amongst others) and fashion entrepreneur Sojin Lee (ex Net a Porter).

The website makes full use of 19’s extraordinarily well connected address book: if there’s someone you admire in the fashion industry they are likely to be involved, whether they are designers – big or small, buyers, photographers, stylists, bloggers or makeup artists.

What I find appealing about Fashionair, apart from its connected-ness, is that there are many sites out there that offer some of Fashionair’s content, but none that I know of that are so comprehensive or so beautifully designed.

Through a series of snappy & engaging short films, it covers everything from designer interviews & profiles, insider address books, show reports, & backstage footage to street chic round ups, new season trends, destination information, fashion news & user interactivity. There’s even a section that takes the views on tours around the home of famous designers.

Strands like Seven Days of Chic chronicles the fashion lives of creative women, Chic Fix gives a weekly rundown on the latest fashion news, shops, restaurants and exhibitions, (complete with links and booking features), and Style Counsel features international style experts, like buyer Yasmin Sewell, presenting the season’s trends and suggesting ways to work them into the viewer’s wardrobe.

But it’s not just editorialised content: it’s fully interactive for the users: they can create their own personalised Fashion File, with shopping wish lists, files for favorite shows quick links to favorite shops and designers’ web sites, as well as uploading their own video & photography.

Although of course, Fashionair is there to make money, so there’s a whole lot of affiliate marketing going on: alongside every film, there are product suggestions and shopping links to online stores.

I'm looking forward to running around Manhattan & Brooklyn with my little camera, filming what I get up to, and looking at my favourite stores, restaurants and people.

The site is in Beta now, and goes live in September. You can get a sneak peek here