Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Posetta Baddog is not to be messed with

When lil'sis & I were small, our father travelled frequently to America on business. He always asked us what we would like for a present. I remember very clearly the year that she and I requested presents that would stump any normal father.

Lil'sis asked for a flying elephant and I wanted a pink suitcase. I think we may have been four & five years old.

What he came back with was a blue plush Dumbo elephant on elastics that could be hung from the ceiling and a pink plastic ballet box, for carrying around my leotard, illustrated with dancers, and with a special compartment for my ballet shoes in the bottom. Genius.

When I went home in August, we went through some bags of stuff from one of the attics and in one of them was Dumbo. Too knackered to be given away, when Posetta Baddog expressed an interest we gave it to her.





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