Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday breakfast: American style

Breakfast in New Jersey

Well, American with a touch of European, as our household is French (Y), American (GG) & English (me). And Estonian too, if you count Max the senior Basset Hound, which I think we certainly should do. He is actually present in the picture, sitting with the baby Basset Hound at my feet hoping for dropped waffle morsels. Which is highly likely, as I am incapable of eating without spilling something. Pas stupide these hounds.

The cupcakes in the background are from Brownie Points Bakery at Short Hills. A FAIL, I am afraid, with a tasteless crumb, and oddly synthetic tasting frosting.

Please notice the beautiful blue mug by people will always needs plates, to remind me of home: it depicts the glorious Isokon building in Hampstead in London, just around the corner from my (rented out) flat.