Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ex-pat friendships

One of the best things about moving to America has been the friendships I have made here. Some are with people I knew already from England, but not well, others are with people I have met since I arrived.

As an ex-pat you never know where or if you will find your niche. Although I knew no one when I first landed, (the girl I moved here with went back to England after six weeks), I was adamant early on that I would not be a puppy dog making friends with everyone in sight just for the sake of avoiding loneliness and now, over 2.5yrs, that plan has paid off admirably: I have a core of a few great friends that I love dearly in both New York & in LA, rather than scores of people I barely know.

And, without trying, they are all enmeshed together, which I rather like, whether through LLG, Twitter or real life. Take last night for example: I know my wonderful hosts here in Joisey, GG & Y, through my close friend H who introduced us four or five years ago in London, well before we all made the move to America. When H started dating M in London, she was just about to move to New York from Baghdad, so we were introduced on one of my trips back to London, & she & I became firm friends ex-Henry in Manhattan. I met fabulous J through another friend, Brig, in New York and introduced her to M, H & the boys some time ago.

All of us came together for supper here in Colts Neck last night to celebrate Halloween, H&M's recent marriage, impending baby and new house purchase (in London - gd for them, bad for me), and Y's new American work visa.

So we were two Americans, one Frenchman, one New Zealander and two English people. And, if we count the dogs, which I certainly think we should, then we can add one Estonian & one American Basset Hound. Which just about sums up America for me: one big melting pot of fantastic people.