Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to carve a Halloween pumpkin

Head out in pouring rain to farm stand:

Chrysanthemums & pumpkins

Give self muscle spasm pushing autumnal accoutrements to car:

Chrysanthemums & pumpkins

On arrival back home take two pumpkins:


Place on steps for carving inspiration:

house exterior with Basset

Take high class carving tools:

pumpkin carving kit

For the terminally stupid:

pumpkin scraper

Make a lid:


Ignore wonkiness caused by using pixie sized 2" mini saw (because no one trusts you with the carving knife).

Wrench lid off:

pumpkin carved lid

pumpkin interior

Spend twenty minutes removing fibrous insides, obsessing over every last seed:

carved out interior pumpkin

Abort plan for complicated stencil & go for simplest possible design in line with personal creative abilities. Carve out shapes with doll size instruments:

carved pumpkin halloween

Ta da:

jack o lantern doorstep

Am pumpkin carving genius.

Believe this is so until Y presents finished pumpkin forty minutes later:

bat pumpkin