Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Style Me Pretty wedding blog

I read a lot of blogs. And I know I have several memes to which I need to reply, but I wanted to write about the wedding website Style Me Pretty in the meantime.

I'm not getting married, have no plans to get married, am not even sure I really get the whole dressing up in a white frock/spending thousands of pounds celebrating a union that has a 40% chance of failure thing, but I do love me a good party. And I love even more the throwing of a good party.

And goodness these women know how to throw a party: the wonderful typography, letterpress invitations & printed brilliance,

Photograph: Heidi Ryder Photography

the always sensational flowers with never a hint of Interflora horridness,

Photograph: Kate Headley Photography

the Etsy & vintage finds, the pretty dresses, the strings of twinkle lights & Japanese lanterns. It's just glorious.

Go on take a look. It's all just ravishing.