Thursday, October 08, 2009

that's a first

I've just suspended all comments for a post I wrote yesterday. I haven't done this before but I was starting to get a whole load of missing the point comments &, in one case, a really rather nasty remark. I don't like personal nastiness seeping onto LLG, (ah hello my old friend Anonymous), and nor do I want people getting their knickers in a twist, so it was just easier to suspend that particular forum.

Some people seemed to take it extremely personally that I was recommending a site that ran photographs of uber stylish, magazine quality (but not always lavish) weddings, and went into extended riffs about how emotions and family were more important etc etc.

I agree completely with them that those things are more important than colour co-ordinating your favours, or whatever.

And if the post was about weddings, bring it on. But it wasn't.

I was recommending Style Me Pretty as one of many sources of inspiration for throwing parties, for beautifully designed letterpress for any occasion, for ravishing flowers and for clever Etsy & vintage finds. They promote young designers, great photographers and interesting vendors, many of whom have flourishing businesses outside of the nuptial world. That's it.

There are many sources of entertainment inspiration out there, and I would hope that everyone is clever enough to take what they need from them and ignore the hyperbole and excess, in the same way that we ignore much of what happens on the fashion runway when it comes to actually getting dressed.