Sunday, November 01, 2009

Areaware vinyl decals

I bet that header was the single most exciting thing you've read all morning wasn't it? I used to take the time to craft clever, witty headlines in the manner of a sub on speed until a techy person told me that they were useless for SEO, meaning that my lovely, long laboured over posts would never show on Google because there were no headline keywords for the autobots to pick up on. So it's boring, straight headers for me.

Fortunately the lovely vinyl decals from, yes you guessed it, Areaware, are neither boring or straight. They have the most enormous selection from full wall size images around the $800 mark to smaller $50-150 pieces from some wonderful designers including my beloved Rob Ryan and Glasgow's finest, Timourous Beasties. (Although Areaware is based in America they have distinctly international tastes.) I can think of nothing nicer than having a wall decorated with these slap on, peel off designs.

Timorous Beasties grey branch decal
Bird branch (vinyl) by Timorous Beasties $56

They are genius for someone like me who has the decorating skills of a chimp with a pot of paint and has moved to a country where she is destined to live with someone else's decor choices for the near future. There's very little skill required to attach these to the wall and when you change your mind, move or the landlord gets stroppy, the decals simply peel off for reattachment elsewhere.

There is a plethora of designs for almost any aesthetic from robots to florals, trees to abstracts, but the moment I find somewhere to live in Manhattan in the New Year, I'm ordering the bird branch above. (Much as I love Mr Ryan's design below, I fear it might be a little off putting to any prospective boyfriends I lure back to my bedchamber.)

love you more than sleep decal Robert Ryan
I love you more than sleep (vinyl) Robert Ryan $120

There are lots of cheerful colourful designs like this:

Crocodile Kubitts Kiss decal
Crocodile kurbits kiss (vinyl) By Hanna Werning $120

But my absolute favourite is this ceiling vinyl. I work from my bed and love the idea of staring up above me at these frolicking animals. And how wonderful for children too.

Pantheon animal decal
Pantheon circle in mist grey (vinyl) By Studio Job $180

Speaking of children there are lots of wonderful animal decals too, from meerkats with angel wings (really) to full size ponies. If this is all a bit too good taste for your liking, how about a single sauscisse for above your radiator?

sausage dog decal

Dog en kit 1 (vinyl) By Ich & Kar $56

Do bear in mind that most of them custom made, so you are asked to allow a rather staggering three months for your order to arrive. Hmm. Maybe I'll just order that bird branch NOW.

Decals here