Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Housekeeping: LLG has a new domain name

Just a quick post to say that you may have noticed that the LLG domain name has changed overnight from to

What do you need to do?
For the moment, my blog host Blogger will automatically direct everyone to the new domain address.

However, from December (if I can can get it done by then), LLG is moving to a shiny, sparkly new site, just in time for Christmas, and the blogspot address will cease to function.

So, if you could update your links (and any links within posts too if you can be bothered) now to you will experience no cessation in LLG activities. (Of course, if you are fed up to the back teeth with my inchoate ramblings, this is a great opportunity to say sayonara LLG!)

Also: some words of advice from a seasoned blogger who wishes she had known better back in 2006 when she started her blog: if you have any intention at all of growing your blog readership beyond your best friend and your mother, buy your domain name and point it towards your blog.

Fortunately no one had speculatively bought libertylondongirl as of last week & I was able to snap up both the .com & domains, but it happens so there's another reason to cover your back.

Domain names aren't fearfully expensive, I think I paid around £40 for both for two years and Google doesn't charge you to use a custom domain, as opposed to the .blogspot address. ( will charge you $10.) In any case, it is well worth it if, like me, you have built up lots of lovely links & press, as Blogger won't let you transfer any of that to your new blog.

Just think of all the time (& possibly money) you'll save: I had to spend ages yesterday changing all the links to here on my work portfolio website, and I still have the blogspot address on all my business cards, which I will need to update.

Blogger don't make it transparently simple to set up - they wld much rather you used .blogspot in your address, but it isn't complicated to change to a custom domain and, once you figure it out, it takes five minutes, tops. Hell, if I can do it, you certainly can.

So what are you waiting for?