Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Charles Worthington High Gloss Serum

Charles Worthington High Gloss serum

I fear that I am turning into one of THOSE women. One that is obsessed with her hair.
This is a new thing for me. I was always that girl who was stopped on the street and asked to be a hair model, that had hairdressers oohing over her hair's natural, glossy, healthy thickness & sheen.

Now of course that I have grown up, and realised that a little grooming goes a long way, I've sacrificed that healthiness on the altar of heated styling appliances. I can still do shiny, but the ends of my hair split and dry out well before my eight week trim is due. There's no fix bar scissors for my problem, but there is a product version of a sticking plaster for hair: serums.

A sample of Charles Worthington's High Gloss Serum from the Front Row collection magically appeared in the mail last week, and a few drops on my damp hair reminded me why serums are a very good thing. They smooth down the hair cuticle so frizz and knots disappear, and split ends are tamed. Sure it's not going to mend my split ends but as a temporary measure it'll do very nicely.

On closer inspection of the label I can't see any groundbreaking ingredient in the Charles Worthington serum that sets it apart from or makes it a better proposition than its competitors : like all these products it is basically a combination of various silicones. But it's at least as good as any other on the market, and today my hair is beautifully soft and shiny.

Charles Worthington High Gloss serum £5.99 Not yet available in the US.