Friday, November 06, 2009

The Inconvenient Bag - GIVEAWAY!

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I think we all realise by now that continually accepting new plastic bags at the supermarket checkout is not best practice. I try to remember to carry around a calico or canvas bag so that, whilst I will inevitably have to accept some plastic or cardboard bags, I can at least try to reduce my environmental impact on a daily basis.

Inconvenient Bag classic
Classic design $11

I rather like these shopping bags from The Inconvenient Bag, a small American company, whose motto is, “saving our planet one bag at a time”. The name comes from their belief that though it may be a small inconvenience to remember to use reusable bags when shopping, it's worth the effort.

Inconvenient Bag Beatnik Khaki
Beatnik design $11

The bags are much more durable than the usual calico bags: they have a gusset which enables them to hold 45 pounds and they have a flat bottom for better support. But they are still easily fold down-able for carrying in a handbag or purse. I've been carrying one for a week and am impressed.

The Inconvenient Bag have very kindly offered to give three readers an Inconvenient Bag of their choice (there are lots of brilliant designs on their website). Just leave a comment below to tell us in what kind of bag you normally carry your shopping.

This giveaway is open to readers with US & UK postal addresses only