Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just a load of blather

It’s so long since I’ve been outdoors that I am etiolated and my hair is a birds nest. Low grade ill is just so damn dull. My legs ache and throb, my head hurts and I want to sleep All The Time. I’m on antibiotics (doxycycline) already for a tick bite (thank you Bambi & Bassets) I got a few weeks ago so I’m either fighting off that infection or I have some unspecified autumnal lurgy.

Whatever the cause, I am in a VILE mood. It’s all very well having to stay in bed – but I’m a self-employed writer – I can work from bed any day I choose. Being imprisoned here with a splitting headache is a whole different ball game.

I’ve just slunk downstairs for some puppy love, a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of chocolate cake. I have little appetite, but I am hungry. And goodness, what a restorative combination: I feel quite well again
But no doubt I’ll have a Godalmighty sugar crash in half an hour and retire weeping to my bed again.

Hopefully normal transmission will be restored tomorrow.