Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family photographs: My beautiful, eccentric grandmother

Granny ballgown

We aren't having a family Christmas this year, about which I am sad but, given the twin horrors of parental divorce (still very much ongoing) and recession finances, my mother could hardly be expected to host this year without losing her marbles.

One factor in having a small celebration is that our grandparents are all dead. Only their photographs remain on the walls, and I've been feeling all nostalgic this December, making sure my mother tells me all the stories behind the images. These two glorious photographs are of my maternal grandmother. She was eccentric to say the least. (I wrote about her here). But goodness she was a beauty in her day. It's fair to say that I haven't inherited her Helen of Troy appeal, (three husbands), but I do have her legs & well turned ankles, for which I am thankful every time I stand on the scales & wince.

Granny stars

I'm afraid the sepia tones didn't scan very well...