Sunday, December 06, 2009

Giveaway: 3 x lovely Abahna Bathing Foam sets worth £40!

Bath or shower? I'm usually a shower person. Perennially chasing my tail and worrying about everything, the protracted process of taking a bath stresses me out more than it relaxes me. That's probably also got something to do with the hideous, mildew-y bathrooms that seem to be de rigueur in rented East Village apartments.

So on the occasion that I do draw a bath I want it to be the most glorious, self-indulgent experience with so much loveliness around me that I forget about all the things I should be doing instead. I need a deep bath, preferably set on feet in a divine bathroom, candles, a good book, sliced fruit, a big glass of iced water to hand, music in the background and, above all, some really, really good oil or bubble bath.

Since I arrived back in England I've been wallowing in my mother's glorious bathroom, testing out various bath potions that I've been sent for possible review, ignoring both my laptop and my mother shrieking at me that she can't work her computer.

Most impressive line so far, in terms of scent and my skin afterwards, is Abahna. Set up by owner Claire Croft in 2006, the inspiration behind the brand is the long and varied history of bathing rituals. There are four fragrances (my favourite is the White Grapefruit & May Chang which has just the right amount of citrus to uplift, rather than overpower), and the range contains everything necessary for indulgent bathing from bath oils to salt scrubs.

The packaging is absolutely ravishing, far, far nicer than Jo Malone, I think, with a pretty floral pattern and lovely casings. Wonderful for presents.

Abahna bathing set

Since I was so impressed with the range, Abahna then very kindly offered three of their wonderful Foam blending sets which retail for £40.00 each for my readers. The set speaks to the rituals that inspired the line as the bather creates their own bathing addition.

I do rather lust after one of these: the set contains three Abahna essential oil blends and a flacon of unscented bath foam. Pour a little bath foam into the ceramic bowl and use the coconut and mother of pearl spoon to mix together your bathing potion. (The bath foam contains gentle coconut-based cleansers with skin conditioning organic honey, aloe vera and chamomile, and is free from parabens, SLS & SLES & artificial colourings.)

The three 100% essential oil blends are: White Grapefruit & May Chang, Frankincense & Sweet Orange, and Himalayan Cedarwood & Rose Otto.

So to enter for a chance to receive one of THREE of these sets just in time for de-stressing over Christmas (ha!), simply leave a comment below to tell me what essential thing you need to take a a bath. Loofah? Roberts Radio? - no - by not in, real sponge, waterproof pillow?

Keep it clean: no smut please!