Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Saturday night in London: well, it must be Guilty Pleasures...

Guilty Pleasures Black & White Ball

I wasn't planning on going out. No, I was going to have a quiet night on the sofa, watching The X Factor with lil'sis & Posetta Baddog, and pondering the meaning of life.

After lunch on Thursday, the wonderful MTFF, (in town from California), & I wandered off to Soho House for tea and cake. And decided that dancing was what we should be doing on Saturday night. Yes, siree. So I roped in some girlfriends, organised the guest list and dug out my sequinned party dress, fake eyelashes and dancing shoes.

First stop was El Parador in Camden for tapas & rosé. Hands down the best tapas I have eaten in Spain, England, anywhere. I think I may have to go back (sober) and review it properly for y'all. Clare raised the tone considerably by doing her nails in between courses. Class in a glass, that girl. (But I'll forgive her as she has two infants at home, which doesn't leave much time for manicures.)

Guilty Pleasures

Did I mention that Guilty Pleasures is a 70s & 80s night, and that the theme for Saturday was the Black & White Ball?

Darling Cassandra had escaped The Overlook for the day and arrived, let us just say, lubricated, after a long lunch. She had said, firmly, many times on Friday that she would not be coming dancing. I put her on the guest list Just In Case. Within about fifteen minutes of arriving, (and two glasses of rosé), she was coming dancing. Result.

Oh we were excited. The pulchritudinous publicist was waiting outside Koko (formerly the Camden Palace) with feathers in her hair and a big smile on her face. Duly wristbanded up,

Guilty Pleasures

we practically sprinted down the corridor to the main room.

Guilty Pleasures

And started the dancing. There was hair flicking:

Guilty Pleasures

And air punching:

Guilty Pleasures

And antics that aren't being published. There was backstage mingling:

Spandex at Guilty Pleasures

(Hello Ajax, Bunny & Willie-Woo aka SBandXXX dance troupe superstars)

and green room socialising and, above all, dancing on the stage in front of the entire audience. (Koko is an old Victorian music hall theatre, which gives plenty of opportunity for showing off.)

There were also cows:

guilty pleasures cows
(Most impressive interpretation of black & white, I thought.)

At the moment I just wish MTFF, Cassandra & I weren’t anony-bloggers, because I have a sheaf of photographs of us all dancing on the stage and in the VIP box, making like we were 20 again. Sigh