Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not quite up to speed

I do apologise for the slight hiatus in blogging anything of interest. I finally arrived in London a full 36hrs after my intended departure from home, (curse you Clerk of the Weather), and spent yesterday evening slumped on the sofa at Tara's, blissfully full of delicious homemade Thai curry, and watching my beloved David Tennant kick Martian alien ass in Doctor Who, before skidding back to lil'sis' on snow and black ice at 15mph (I sense a theme developing here) through an eerily deserted Highgate village. I then stayed up till 4am writing a report.

After a blow dry at Headmasters (more of this later), & a long, ahem, festive lunch at Scott's in Mayfair today, I crawled to Queen's Crescent, planning on an evening spent in the company of Gossip Girl, Posetta Baddog and my sister.

Unfortunately, we then worked out that if we spent the evening pootling we would have to get up at 5am in order to leave for the country by 9am, So, galvanised, we have been scooting around the house sorting it all. It is now nearly 1am and I have:

Scrabbled around on stepladders and under beds hauling out stashed gifts, suitcases and holiday stuff
Gone through my sister's numerous closets to put together her holiday wardrobe for Florida next week
Packed all our stuff for our various Christmas experiences, & assembled a leaning tower of stuff in the hallway
Pulled together a festive wardrobe for Posetta Baddog (muzzle, leash, Bad to the Bone sweater)
Wrapped a mountain of presents & developed Sellotape thumb

This has taken a staggeringly inefficient six hours. It is now 1am & I am going to sleep the sleep of the just.