Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Update from New Jersey: Antics of Finchley, baby Basset Hound

Regular readers of my blog will know that I spent several months in New Jersey until recently with my wonderful, wondeful friends J&Y and their two much beloved Basset Hounds, Max & Finchley.

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms, especially from young Finchingham, my designated puppy foot warmer.

basset hound puppy

Fortunately, I received an update from Y today:

"Let me think.... he managed to get under the Christmas tree and attempted to eat one of the balls (did not manage yesterday but did manage today). Tried to grab any potential dinner leftovers that were on the countertops of the kitchen and finally managed to dislodge the inner sole of one of my YSL sneakers.
All in all, as you can understand, he is pretty much the same. Still silky, still naughty.
Ah!, let's not forget his latest trick which consists of eating the iced snow that is still covering the deck. By eating, I obviously mean grabbing a piece from the deck and coming inside to eat it on J's rug."

basset hound puppy

Butter wouldn't melt...