Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dachshund vs. Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate.

I spent most of yesterday perched on a chair at a public relations agency, as a continuous stream of charming account directors came by to tell me about developments in their various sectors for the upcoming year.

At the end of the session, I airily refused a bike drop off as the beauty department loaded me up with bags of samples like a little donkey, and I wandered off towards home, rather regretting my insouciant refusal as my legs started to buckle under the weight of assorted glass jars.

Once home, I tipped it all out on the sofa and started planning my testing regimen for the next few weeks. Then I made an amateur's mistake: I forgot about the dachshund love of cardboard and the questing nose that always, always hunts it out.

Within seconds Posetta Baddog had cottoned onto the vast pile of discarded packaging, and was staking a claim.


I'm not sure the Dr Hauschka box ever stood a chance against those teeth.


They clamp in the manner of a vice.


Unfortunately I then realised that the box still contained a bottle of Translucent Bronze Concentrate. Notice the braced paws below as we played tug of war.


Fortunately Posetta Baddog is more interested in the destruction of cosmetic boxes than in creating the perfect bronzed complexion and I managed to reclaim my precious bottle with nothing more than a few teeth marks.