Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Donate your unwanted household linens...The Simon Community

Having cleared out both my London flat and the houses of various relatives over the past ten years, my family has accumulated a huge stash of household linen that is a little old fashioned but still perfectly serviceable. Charity shops do not want it as they cannot sell on dated patterns or used but clean towels and, if you bin it, would inevitably end up in landfill.

However, there is a solution: The Simon Community in North London do want it all. And they will use it.

Simon Community a

For over 40 years it has worked to alleviate the isolation of rough sleepers, provide a place where they can gain a sense of belonging and foster the skills they need to move towards independent lives.

As the inclement winter weather continues, more than ever they need donations of products and services to help them keep their costs down. In particular these can be donations of clothes, furniture and food.

Every time I take the 24 bus from London’s West End to my sister’s flat, I pass the Malden Road base of the Simon Community and say a little prayer for the knowledge that however tired, depressed or lonely I feel, I still have a roof over my head, warm clothes and the support of loving family & friends.

So over the past fortnight my mother & I have been laundering the piles of sheets, linens, blankets and towels we have found, and packing them up (along with the clean and useful sweaters, coats & boots, that I have been digging out of attics, closets & garage) to drop off at the Simon Community.

If this post is making you think that you may have household goods that will otherwise languish unused at the back of a cupboard, you can donate them to the Simon Community by getting in touch with them at info@simoncommunity.org.uk or calling on 020 7485 6639 or 020 7482 0447
(Often they are able to pick up within a certain radius of Kentish Town.)


Simon Community