Friday, January 01, 2010

The Face 1991 - a snapshot of pop culture

I've been deep in attic clearing over the past few days. There's a ludicrous amount of rubbish up there, and I've managed to get rid of boxes of paperbacks & filled several binbags with broken toys. Muv tells me that the skip arrived yesterday and I am twitching to get back and start filling that puppy.

Fortunately for my sanity, there is some treasure amongst all the dross: there's an as yet uninvestigated box of the NME, dating from the mid-late eighties, and I unearthed a pile of The Face from 1991. The magazine ran from 1980-2004, operating on the cutting edge of fashion & music, and I read it as a very young teenager in the 80s, even when I was too young to really understand what it was talking about.


Whilst some of the cover stars (The Farm & Dee-Lite) on the issues I unearthed have been superceded today, Johnny Depp and Kylie still reign supreme, although they were in quite different places back then. Kylie was a bit of a tongue in cheek joke, flailing around at the tail end of the Stock Aitken Waterman years, before she got hip, and became a national treasure.


And Johnny was still a nascent indie movie star, fresh off his hit TV show 21 Jump Street, with just five films under his belt. He was more famous for dating Winona Ryder. Although Edward Scissorhands would change all that.


Sherilyn Fenn - in the days when everyone was utterly obsessed with David Lynch and Twin Peaks.


When rap was something quite, quite different: