Monday, January 11, 2010

Gucci snow boots

I spent Sunday morning sliding from one side of Hampstead Heath to the other. My proper treaded snow boots are in New York, and the leather riding boots I have been wearing are size 6 death traps.

Happily Wardrobe Slave was wearing her sensible snow boots.

Hampstead Heath snow

Sturdy, waterproof, and with proper grippy soles, her boots let her stride happily along, to the accompaniment of my wails as I clung onto her elbow with a grip of iron, trying not to go arse over tit as a deliriously over-excited Zelda (black lab) cannoned into the backs of my legs.

Then, as yet again I began to describe an arching fall, my jaw dropped as I saw the label on the side of her boots. Who'd have thought such sensible footwear came from the home of the tart's trotter?

Hampstead Heath snow

However Wardrobe Slave would like it known that her dedication to style does not stretch to needing to wear Gucci in the snow. These lovely boots cost her a mere £50 in the Gucci sample sale.