Friday, January 08, 2010

The perfect winter lip treatment: Yes To Carrots C Me Blush Lip Tint

Every time I crack open one of the historical novels & bonkbusters that I read when huddled up with a cold, I am struck by the description of the heroine. Whether Angelique and Catherine in the French sagas, or Georgette Heyer's delicate debutantes, they all have glorious natural colouring: flushed cheeks, coal black lashes, sparking eyes, rose tinted mouths...

And every time I thank God that I am a 21st century anti-heroine with an arsenal of make-up at her disposal. Truly I would have been screwed in any era bar the late 15th or 18th centuries when pancake makeup was a la mode.

Nature saw fit to bless me with severe myopia, so several hundred years ago I would have had deep wrinkles from squinting sans adequate eyeglasses and, hidden between the crevices, would have been my rabbit-y eyes, for I have Nordic colouring, with brows & lashes so pale that only generous sweeps of mascara make my small eyes pop.

My lips, without a slash of lipstick, are the same colour as my skin, without a gram of colour to perk them up. Biting them a la Louisa M Alcott to add the required rosy hue doesn't work one little bit.

So, when a lip balm with a very subtle colour tint arrived on my doorstep I sang praises to the skies. For here was a product that didn't taste odd, was ethical, didn't look like I had been chewing penny sweeties, and could safely be worn in bed (if one chose to be there not quite alone) without smearing goop all over the sheets, and first thing in the morning for the 'I just rolled out of bed but don't I look ravishing look'.

Most of all it works, lasts and is organic so I'm not eating god knows what off my lips. (Petroleum jelly is all very well, but I don't want it as part of my daily diet.) This little stick contains beeswax, shea butter, jojoba & coconut oils: all natural, highly effective emollients.

So, thank you Yes To Carrots (whose products I have raved about here & here), for your 95% certified organic C Me Blush Lip Tint in Coral Sunshine. It is, as we beauty editors like to say, the dog's bollocks.

Yes To Carrots C Me Blush Lip Tints £4.99 from
$4.49 in the US here