Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snowed in in Northamptonshire

Euf. What a week. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning I was woken very early from my bed in London by my mother calling to tell me to look outside.

Thank you Met Office for failing to predict the 3" snow that was dumped in Kentish Town on Tueaday night, and the drifting 5" in my mother's corner of Northamptonshire.

I needed to be back in the country later that day. So, rather earlier than I had planned, I whirled myself around my sister's flat gathering up my scattered possessions. Then I defrosted the car,


slid all the way to the bakery for essential supplies, (I'm paranoid about being stuck in the car in snowdrifts without food, water, blankets etc) and headed for the M1.

By the time I reached the small Northamptonshire villages I drive through to get home, the roads were becoming impassable with black ice and fresh snow.

I then got stuck in the lane leading to our house and had to be pushed out of the snow by the guys from the butcher's van and two passers-by, before I dumped the car at the top of the hill.


Leaving my luggage in the boot of my car, and clutching my laptop to my chest, I slid all the way down the 45 degree hill to the bottom of our lane in the manner of a slightly clumsy Bond girl, before collapsing in the drifted snow on our driveway.

P1110427 - Copy - Copy

It's only today that the snow has started to melt. A little. Billy is still sinking into the snow:


And Posetta Baddog isn't far off sinking completely:


This was the view from my bedroom window at 0915hrs this morning:


And this was the road at the front of the house:


I don't see us leaving here any time soon.