Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage tea set: pansies


I have loved this bone china tea set, which my mother inherited from her grandmother, since I was a little girl. My mother gave it to me last weekend when we were clearing out the china cupboards. There are twelve cups & saucers, twelve tea plates and a slops bowl. The tea pot & jug are long gone, but I'm perfectly happy with these.


I love having people over for proper afternoon tea. In London at weekends we would go for long walks on Hampstead Heath, and then head back to my flat for tea & crumpets. I'm looking forward to doing lots of baking & forcing delicious carbs upon my American friends when they come over for tea in Manhattan.

Thing is, I can't really transport this set myself: it's both too delicate and too big to go in my suitcase, and the anti-terror restrictions won't let me carry it in the cabin. (Even though I have the carbon footprint of a yeti, my airmiles aren't going to get me a Virgin Atlantic upgrade any time soon.)


So, it's going to have to wait until I ship my stuff over the Atlantic in a large container. Oh well, it's yet another incentive to finish all my outstanding projects so I can afford to ship everything...