Sunday, February 14, 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Apparently it snows in Denmark too…


Of course I had failed to compute that there would be snow on the ground in Copenhagen. Sure, I knew the temperature would be below freezing, but somehow I had missed the reports of the abnormal massive snow storms that have left Copenhagen with foot high piles of snow along the kerbsides.

Still, I managed not to slip over at any point whilst here; a record for me which make me think very kindly towards this city and its extremely efficient street cleaners. (Although I understand that when it does snow heavily, the first parts of the city to be cleared are the bike lanes, a fact that just makes me love Copenhagen even more.)

Obviously it helps on the not falling over front if you are being ferried around the city by your host with a car and driver and that when you arrive at dinner, a show or after-party you have an arm to lean on, or in the case of arriving at the Dansk/By Malene Birger party, having a handsome man on either side to literally swing you over the piles of snow in your four inch heels.