Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Off to Denmark....

I'm definitely in the don't know whether I am coming or going stage right now. The only thing I know for sure is that I fly to Copenhagen at 0955hrs tomorrow morning from London Heathrow.

I had plans, quite definite plans for this week. They revolved around writing, blogging and tech-y website building activities. I have done none of those things.

Instead, I have spent many hours on the telephone having exciting conversations. There are things afoot in the world of LLG right now which have been a trifle unexpected, much of which will become clear to you all next week.

In addition to the telephone conversations, today was spent on location alternately jumping out of the path of motor vehicles and vibrating with incipient hypothermia in minus temperatures as the photographer induced me to throw poses best left to professionals in public places.

I wobbled my way through numerous outfit changes in beautiful and vertiginous Bionda Castana heels, enough make-up to placate an Estee Lauder counter girl and hair backcombed at least two inches above my scalp. It certainly made an interesting change from the scrubbed complexion, T-shirt & leggings clad look I've been not rocking in the countryside.

The fact that I even got to wear some wonderful clothes, was thanks to the stellar efforts of the latest recruit to the LLG family, the lovely Kiki, who rose admirably to the challenge of a photo shoot at 24hrs notice, and helped me put together a wardrobe for today, for a film project and for Copenhagen.

Thanks to her, (and some helpful publicists), not only have I have stopped wailing that all my clothes are languishing in storage in Manhattan, but I actually have something to wear in public that Posetta hasn't chewed or shed hair on.

Copenhagen, here I come...