Monday, February 08, 2010

The perfect fashion moment

Tommy Ton 2

This photograph makes my heart sing. Quite apart from the wonderful composition of this perfect moment, I love how it harks back to the shapes thrown by Norman Parkinson or Clifford Coffin's model girls from the 50s, yet still looks completely modern.

It's one of a series of images by the lovely Tommy Ton, whose site Jak & Jil has been on every style bloggers' blogroll since he started posting in 2008 (word gets around quickly in the blogosphere). US Vogue recently hired him to take over The Sartorialist's beat snapping the fashion hamsters on the collections wheel: after a while it's easy to spot a Tommy Ton image as he has a designer shoe obsession that borders on a fetish.

I've borrowed the image from one of my new favourite blogs, The Fashion Editor at Large. Like me, she is a magazine girl through and through but, unlike me, she's still working on a major British mag, and her new blog reflects her insider status. She recently interviewed Tommy for Grazia, and this is one of the outs from the story. Go here to read the post in full, and then scroll through to read TFEAL's archives.

Image by Tommy Ton, taken from The Fashion Editor at Large with permission