Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lordy, better buy some sunscreen & a very large hat

The weather oracle that is the BBC weather page tells me that temperatures will reach 96F/36C on Saturday in Manhattan. Monday is Memorial Day here, one of the very few public holidays in America and the people I know are disappearing out of town for the long weekend or heading out to the Hamptons for the start of the season there. (I'm still in two minds about the whole Hamptons thing. Mostly it makes me feel tired, the thought of all that partying & social climbing. Although some proper country/beach action wouldn't go astray.)

As for me, I'll be in New York, sweltering. However TC & I have a cunning plan for Saturday. And it involves that delicious looking swimming pool & roof deck above. I don't care one little bit if some arbiter has raised an eyebrow to declare Soho House SO over. It has a pool on the roof for chrissakes. And cocktails. And the English papers. What is there not to like about this? (Hopefully most of the members will be in the Hamptons and the rest (the hipsters) will be far too busy cutting off their noses to spite their contorted-with-worry-as-they-work-out-which-new-edgy-place-they-should-be-seen-in faces to hang out there.) Now I just need to work out how to scrub off the freckly remains of my last disastrous spray tan, and find a miracle swimsuit that holds in my Chinese food baby.