Sunday, July 08, 2007

The dying art of paying compliments

British men have become too worried about political correctness to pay compliments to the opposite sex, according to a recent survey conducted in England. All I can say is, lucky me, living in Manhattan. I’ve never felt as appreciated as I do in this city. Not only are the men I meet on dates so kind as to pay me compliments (albeit not always welcome ones), but it’s entirely normal to be the beneficiary of laudatory comments when walking down the street. And I don’t even need to be prancing along in my heels, my bright blue sundress and sandals work just as well on that front. Altho my new American friend S tells me that this is not the case for men – being rather attractive he’s a pretty good test case, so I have to assume that this is the case for the majority of men over here. I’d start redressing the balance but suspect that the reason women don’t bother with the paying of gratuitous compliments is because who knows what kind of pickle women would end up in if they started throwing out admiring phrases to random cute guys.