Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pierre Hardy: I'm in love

I went out for dinner tonight in my new silk frock, but just cldn't find the right shoes to wear. Heels just do not feel right this summer, but $5 Uniqlo flip flops do not a chic outfit make. (When someone else is kind enough to take me to a lovely restaurant, the least I can do is dress for the occasion.)

I'm seriously regretting not putting in a private order at the beginning of the season for these gorgeous shoes by my beloved Pierre Hardy. (I was trying to be fiscally responsible.)
Pierre Hardy, leather sandals
Or for these:
Pierre Hardy
Still, Barneys carry his shoes, so I am considering a recce tomorrow to see if there are any in the sale, altho finding an 8.5 by any designer will no doubt be almost impossible.

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