Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday blues

I'm home alone today. My sister is in Cambridge with the rat dog, (bliss to have an uninterrupted night's sleep with no dog jumping on my head at 6am). Can't say I feel particularly chirpy, not exactly ecstatic that instead of seeing S tonight, I'll be eating leftovers in London.

However I've managed to lose 4lbs this week from running around appointments like a mad thing, not eating anything yesterday & biking everywhere. It did make me realise properly tho that for all my walking everywhere in Manhattan, I am not taking enough proper exercise. I need to buy a new bike too.

There is a pool in Brooklyn, floating on the East River like the ones on the Seine in Paris, and in Berlin, so I think I shall try to swim there from now on. After all I need to christen the heavenly bespoke swimsuit that Industry PR arranged recently for me to have made by the fab people atGingers Island. More to the point, it actually contains my, um, generous, bosom, and doesn't make me look like my cup spilleth over.