Saturday, July 28, 2007

ho hum

Today was a total wash-out. I've been feeling pretty down since Wednesday when I discovered that I needed another operation under a general anaesthetic back in London in the Autumn for a chronic problem, rather than acute, but very painful, invasive and, frankly, inconvenient seeing as how I live in New York now.

Added to which were my Manhattan housing woes, and a very distressing email correspondence with S today, who took great exception to my blog entry about our not-really-a-relationship. But as he has not engaged with or replied to any of my thoughts on the matter, either in my first email to him or in the blog entry, satisfying himself merely by telling me I was presenting a false view of the situation, filled with erroneous deductions & claiming (wrongly) that I continually dated other people for the duration of our relationship, I cannot pretend that I am presenting anything other than my own thoughts. I have changed the entry slightly on re-reading to present a more balanced view, something I am loathe to do as a rule, but being venomous never helps anyone...

I've changed my flight back to Manhattan as I obviously won't be having supper with him tomorrow evening now, and I need to complete all the admin that I should have been doing today instead of which I was snuffling into a damp hankie. Fucking hell. Why does everything have to go wrong at the same time?