Monday, September 03, 2007

Good things come in small sizes

I've never been one of those women who can go out for a smart evening with just a lipstick and a credit card. My pack rat nature demands I carry proper back up - not the industrial size make up kit I saw a girl whip out of her vast handbag in the loos of Shoreditch House last week -but at very least a hairbrush, mints, lipstick, my 'phone and, I think, most importantly, something to read in case of abandonment/acute boredom.

Problem is that evening bags aren't designed to carry more than a basic survival kit, which is why I've always been obsessed with minature versions of those everyday items. Which brings me to these cigarette packet size books from Tank which my adorable friend Tank friend E gave me last week. Quite apart from their clever packaging (we expect nothing less from Masoud and his band of brilliant design mavericks), the idea that you can pop a copy of Kipling or Tolstoy into your bag and it take up less space than your compact is genius. The complete set is above, minus Hemingway, which was an obvious donation to JSL whose screenplay of Hemingway's Garden of Eden has just finished shooting in Europe.