Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sex & (no style in) the City

The New York dailies are full of pictures & gossip from the set of the Sex & the City movie which is filming here at the moment. I wasn't that fussed until this photo burnt itself onto my retinas. How, how can these women possibly be considered to be style icons? Has Pat Field let success go to her head? Kim may be working this season's colour blocking trend but she looks abysmal in it, like a Russian wife, and the stand-by wardrobe girl appears to have forgotten to stuff her bag so it doesn't look like she's toting an empty purse. Kristen looks unutterably blah, although Cynthia actually looks great which, if one consders the freak outfits she had to wear in the final season of the TV show is, well, surprising. But the palm for most hideous getup goes to SJP who I can only presume must be contractually obliged to wear outfts from her ghastly Bitten line for US discount clothing chain Steve & Barry's. Why else would she be wearing this shocking sub-Annie Hall number in what looks like flammable fabrics? Oh God, I am scarred by that tie. Really, it's just plain cruelty to fashion stylists everywhere.