Monday, September 17, 2007

Perks of the job

One of the perks of the fashion editor's job are the endless goodie bags, parcels of beauty stuff in the post and the discount cards & vouchers given out at pre-season press days that are meant to entice you into stores & boutiques. Some of these are more useful than others: 25% at Chanel doesn't really go that far, but 40% on the High Street does. The most sought after is Topshop's 250 card. They give out just 250 (funny that) 40% cards, and are scrupulous about ID-ing purchasers. (Not that that is any bar to lending/borrowing said card, everyone knows to just rock up with fistfuls of cash and the 250 card owner's business card).

I've hammered my 40% New Look one over the years, buying cute metallic flats, trashy jools, organic cotton Ts, and surprisingly well-cut skinny & wide leg jeans. Coast's gets borrowed by non-fashion girlfriends looking for party frocks, but Karen Millen's 40% & Laura Ashley's 30% have, so far, remained unused.

Finding inexpensive fast fashion in Manhattan is practically impossible, so last Wednesday when I had a couple of hours to kill before I got my flight back to NYC, I took myself off to Oxford Street to see if I cld actually spend some of the Press Day vouchers I've had kicking around for ages (in Sharon Millen's case, at least four season's). I failed to find anything in Schuh (too remedial, round toed, granny-style for my taste), so that's £50 for my sister to try to spend, & drew a blank in M&S (I guess I'll spend those vouchers on houmous next time I'm back) but I struck gold in Sharon Millen, Gap, New Look & Oasis. Pics to come!