Monday, September 17, 2007

Wardrobe dilemma

I left New York's August humidity & sunshine three weeks ago for London's failing gasps of summer. Last week the crispness of Autumn was in the air, and I started to road test my A/W wardrobe, about which I am unfeasibly excited, given that this season marks an abrupt change in silhouette from the billowing, waistless-ness of the preceding four or so seasons. Imagine then my disappointment on arriving back in Manhattan on Thursday to discover that it is in the grips of an Indian summer, and the possibility of wearing my AW pieces is far, far off. And I have NO idea what to wear.

The wafting sundresses & T-shirt dresses which I have lived in since late April are inappropriate now that the temperature is in the early-mid 20's, and anyway they feel all wrong. It's not helping that I have lost 6lbs also (not that I am complaining). I thinking jeans may be the answer, although I haven't worn a pair for some five months now. I guess they'll have to be the bridge between bare legs and my new Falke woolly tights. I bought a splendid pair of boy cut, wide leg jeans in American Gap for $60/£30 the day before I left for England, which even the UK Gap PR admired, and which look just fine with Converse and with platforms.

(It is a little disconcerting tho to see Hallow'een displays everywhere. It's nearly six weeks off, for Christ's sake.)